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Offence Policy

‘Offence’ is a hot topic at the moment, not only in comedy but in society in general. As a comedy club we have the following policy which we hope you will read and understand before coming to any of our shows:

  • In our experience there are very few comedians at a professional level who go on stage with the main intention to offend an audience or members of it. Comedians generally just want to entertain, and at The Stand-Up Club we see entertainment and laughs as the main priority in choosing the acts we book. We hope you will all come to the club with this in mind, and be open-minded and up for a great night.
  • We do not have a ‘safe-space‘ policy, nor do we censor comedians who come to perform here. We believe that comedy clubs are a place for jokes, satire, and general merriment, and that audience members are mature enough to understand that the things comedians say on stage are jokes and not real.
  • Equally we do not book any act whose main intention is to upset people. Comedy nights are self-policing – comedians and crowds alike want to have a great experience.
  • It’s okay to be offended, it’s not a ‘right’ to not be offended. Our shows are for adults and adults have different ideas and opinions – offence is very personal and subjective. We book a variety of acts so if one isn’t to your taste we hope you love the others.
  • Please read the summary of the acts on the tickets page and if you are worried about potential offence or anything at all please research the act further or ask us for an honest opinion. We are here to help.

Thank you
The Stand-Up Club