Neil McFarlane

Neil McFarlane is a comedian who’s been at it in every sense for a distressingly long time.  From Glasgow but unfeasibly well spoken, he now lives in the London and has spent much of the last year or so at a loose end, menacing the wildlife of Richmond Park.  He really needs to perform to people again.

He was a regional finalist in the BBC’s inaugural New Comedy Awards oooh way back when, he’s had all his jabs and he increasingly keeps his clothes on, at least in public life.  Allow him to divert you from the horrific truth of your own existential plight, and occasionally to say the word “seepage”.

“A sparky self-effacing wit which cannot possibly fail to please.” THEATRE BATH

“A clear ability to craft a gag.” CHORTLE

“Fantastic punchlines.” THEATRE BATH

“Creamed potato.” THE SCOTSMAN