President Obonjo

President Obonjo – In the age of Trump, populism and Brexit, the world probably does not need another bloated ego pretending to give easy solutions. Thankfully what we need is a comedy character who skewers them with precision, hilarity and who isn’t afraid at showing vulnerability.

President Obonjo, is an upcoming and increasingly successful stand-up comedian and who has been performing Comedy for the past 10 years, As the larger-than-life, uber-confident, self-appointed, side-splitting dictator of ‘Lafta Republic’, President Obonjo has quietly been leading a comedy revolution to become the first President to take over the comedy industry by storm.

He has created rumblings by storming New Act competitions including winning Luton Comedian of the Year, Runner-Up at Great Yorkshire Fringe and was a finalist in the Naty New Act of the year in 2016. His previous solo show President Obonjo Stole My Identity was performed in 2015 which received a five -star review and was also performed at Bath Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals in 2015 and 2017 to packed crowds and critical acclaim.

In 2017, he returned to Edinburgh Fringe with another show tilted the Rise of the Comedy Dictator which was well received.

In 2019, he took his show Goodbye Mr President to Edinburgh Fringe Festival which was snapped up by Nextup Comedy and Amazon. In 2019, President Obonjo hit the national headlines, The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror following the dispute with the BBC studios and E4 over the creation of a TV sitcom of an African dictator in the UK.  As a result, the Justice for Obonjo movement was formed.

In 2020, He was due to return to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020 to perform his new show Stolen which has been put on hold. Despite the challenges in the pandemic era, President Obonjo continues to create content and is involved in exciting projects with Nextup Comedy.