Stephen Carlin

Named by comedian Stewart Lee as “one of the best 10 comedians ever,” Stephen Carlin is a hilarious Scottish comedian who has received great critical acclaim, accolades and a growing fanbase with his original and insightful writing style and accomplished delivery. He is a very enigmatic act, using a unique pattern of delivery to amuse the audience with very unexpected and off the wall references.

From his sartorial elegance to his in-depth and hilarious knowledge of International snooker, Carlin’s performance takes the audience into the mind of a passionate obsessive. This man is well on his way to becoming Scotland’s newest addition to its history of brilliant comedians. All skilfully delivered in his deadpan Scottish brogue.

Stephen has supported Tom Stade, Stewart Lee, Stephen Merchant and Felix Dexter on their national tours. He also starred on Stewart Lee’s The Alternative Comedy Experience on Comedy Central.

He has performed a number of solo stand-up shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Drink Carlin Sensibly in 2014, The Gospel According to Stephen in 2015, TV Comeback Special. in 2016, Stephen Carlin: Rise of the Autistic in 2017 and The Opininator in 2018.

He is an experienced writer, having written for BBC Radio Shows including the Now Show and Newsquiz.