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Anthony Ayton

One day in 1985 Anthony Ayton won a public speaking competition, judged by the now disgraced former MP Jonathan Aitken. From that day Anthony knew he wanted to a criminal lawyer. His “career” turned out to be a massive disappointment, nothing like LA Law at all. With his incredible insight Anthony now realises that he actually wanted to be a comedian all along. All top comedians have lawyers how many lawyers have a comedian?

Being a London kid who was the first black guy at an all-white boarding school not only puts him up there with Rosa Parks, it gives Anthony unique social perspective, which is difficult to capture in a self-written comedy biog.

British stand up welcomes the very clever Anthony Ayton” – Reginald D Hunter

I love Anthony Ayton, he’s clever, a bit cheeky, and bloody funny” – Angela Barnes

Too many plums and not enough cake” – Jonathan Aitken