Comedians As Seen On...

Jack Hester

When Jack was growing up all he wanted was to be an Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland). Politics was discussed at every family meal and his Father was in local politics for nearly 20 years before getting elected to Dáil Éireann (Irish Parliament) in 2002 where he served until 2011.

Jack concludes as an adult that there was enough jokers in politics and so decided to try become a comedian instead.

Jack loves the romantic idea of being a moral booster , traveling around the world telling jokes and stories to lift people’s spirits. In traditional Gaelic culture , the Seanchai (Storyteller) is the most revered member of the community. Jack thinks being a stand up is a little like being a Seanchai.

Jacks favourite comedian is Tommy Tiernan and Jack probably would not be doing stand up if it wasn’t for Tommy. Tommy went to a similar school to Jack. Jacks old school always play against Tommy’s old school in Gaelic football. Jack thought if someone like Tommy from a similar background to him can do stand up and be good at it , then maybe he can as well.