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Joey Page

Joey Page is eccentric. He is somewhat of an undiscovered sparkling gem. Magical swirling surreal comedy. An antidote to the woes of the world, Joey takes you through the tangled joy of his charmingly childlike logic. Creating a world of uniquely offbeat characters and tall tales of fancy.

“Joey Page is briliantly inventive and imaginative and very funny” – Josie Long

Also noted for his flamboyant rockstars dress sense, Page is as unique and mischievous off-stage as he is on. Joey is like a shiny maverick of colour and sound constantly flitting from one notion of excitement to the next. Convinced as child he wanted to be a wrestler, dinosaur or spaceman he has had to settle for becoming a stand up. When not pretentiously hanging about town as a dandy fop Joey embroils himself in the small matters of writing a sitcom, and developing ideas for tv and radio atop of expanding his wondrous collections of Trilby hats and brooches.